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You know you’ve got to post regularly to get the traction you want on social.

But you’ve got ZERO idea where to start. You have more questions than answers…

What kind of post will get the right kind of attention?
Is it even possible to use posts that get me more of the right kind of followers?
How can I come up with ideas day after day that actually work?
Should I be telling my story or sharing value or… what?

It all leads down to this: “What the heck do I actually post on social?!”

And when you don’t know what to post… you don’t post anything. Which is the WORST thing you can do.

That’s why I decided to give you a full month of content ideas. From personal “get to know me” posts to value posts to creating connection… follow this plan and you’ll have an entire month of posts planned out and ready to go… no stress.

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What's Inside the 31 Day Social Content Calendar

Each day for 31-days, I’ll show you what kind of post to make, the topic of the post, and even an example of what a post would look like.

All you have to do is customize it for your business.

Need an example?

Day #1 says to share 4 tips that help your client overcome a big struggle they have.

So I’d write a post like:

Can’t seem to get your social media act together?

FIRST – pick one platform that you love and focus only there. Forget the rest.
SECOND – stop trying to post every day and post 3 great posts a week.
THIRD – plan ahead and schedule your posts so you don’t have to be inspired every day.
FOURTH – grab my free content calendar and I’ll give you lots of post ideas for the next month!

See how easy that was?

You can do that too!

Hey there, I'm Katie...

And I’ve been doing this social media thing for… well, since MySpace was cool.

Which means I know what it’s like to feel like you’re out of ideas or tapped out creatively… but you still need to keep your followers engaged and growing and turning into leads.

That’s why I put this content calendar together – to help you overcome the feeling of being stuck or frozen or overwhelmed with your social media.

Because you don’t have to post every day… but you DO have to put yourself out there if you want social to turn into dollars for you.

These ideas will show you exactly what you can post and help you create them for YOUR audience – no cookie-cutter templates that everyone else is using.

PLUS each post is designed to open the conversation so you can truly connect with your ideal client… and use that connection to lead to a sale.

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