Conversations and Connections: A PODFEST Expo Special with The Business Besties

It is a very special Business Bestie’s episode that we have this week as Kendra and I had the opportunity to go live on this amazing conference, Podfest Expo!

In-person events feel refreshing. It’s like the fruition of the past two years’ online networking and engaging with people around the world. This year’s Podfest conference exhibits the power of community, more than ever.

We’re so lucky to be able to see in the flesh so many amazing people Kendra and I spoke on podcast guesting, Fireside chats, and even Clubhouse!

Here are the beautiful people we finally met after years of being on Zoom.

1. Valerie Morris of Marketing Wins

2. Cindy Marie, Empowerment Coach

3. Mike Ham, Greetings From The Garden State

4. Larry Roberts, Podcast Producer

5. Juliet Hahn, Content & Course Creator Storyteller

Don’t miss this chance to “meet” some of the most sought-after digital creators and entrepreneurs of our times. You’re sure to pick up golden crumbs of lessons from these amazing people that you can apply on your own entrepreneurship journey, or in life in general!

Valerie Morris

Marketing Wins

Cindy Marie

Mike Ham

Larry Roberts

Juliet Hahn

Katie Brinkley 0:02

Welcome back to Rocky Mountain marketing. I am so excited to bring you a new feature of Rocky Mountain marketing. I am going to be sitting down with my business bestie Kendra squalls once a month to bring you some of our insights to running our own businesses and some of the struggles that we’ve faced along the way.

Welcome back to another episode of the business besties I’m Katie Brinkley.

Kendra Swalls 0:30

I’m Kendra smalls and we are here live in person to gather in the same place at pod fest.

Unknown Speaker 0:36

Yes, in person events, they’re back. They’re back. They’re happening and it is so good. Want to be in person events at an interesting idea but to to be with you. I know. Typically, we are looking at each other through a zoom screen. And so this is so I don’t know I was gonna say encouraging but so like believing I don’t know if that’s the right word either.

Kendra Swalls 0:57

I’m just so excited to be I don’t know what’s exciting. I’m like, what else

Katie Brinkley 1:00

I’m trying to look for another word and nothing new to me. So

Kendra Swalls 1:04

okay, okay. No, I I’m so excited. This is one of the few like in person events I’ve been to recently. And it’s so nice to see people face to face. You know, we spend so much time behind our screens on our phones, looking at these beautiful headshots of people and these little video clips and or listening to you in your earbuds but to actually see people in real life, get to have a conversation with them get to hug you and like it’s it really is magical. I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s magical. I love it. There’s an energy that you don’t get anywhere else. And

Unknown Speaker 1:38

you can hopefully for all of you listeners, you can hear the energy buzzing in this episode because we are recording it live. We are sitting at a booth using some shore microphones. Getting back to date, I was just loaned to us by the Lipson which they were gifted,

Kendra Swalls 1:55

gifted, hey, the Lipson listening

Unknown Speaker 1:59

lives is that let us borrow their microphones. And we are recording live. And you know, one of the things that we’ve really enjoyed at this conference, is the power of community that ZIL happened during the pandemic. Yeah,

Kendra Swalls 2:12

yeah, you know, I think we realized really quickly when the pandemic hit how important community was, and just how much we took for granted, being able to be in person with people. And luckily, we live in an age where we had all this technology that allowed us to still stay in touch, social audio really took off. And that’s how obviously we met how we met a lot of the people. It’s funny here at pod fest, you’ll run into somebody we’re like, oh, how do you know so and so? Will clubhouse but he doesn’t clubhouse everything’s clubhouse or Instagram. And that’s like the two places everybody knows everybody from. And so to see that, like, we’re now able to take those communities that we kind of built outside of clubhouse and Instagram and move them into the real world. It’s been really, really fun.

Unknown Speaker 2:55

Well, I’m so excited because our very first guest that is going to join us on the show today is Valerie Morris. And she and I actually had the opportunity to get to know each other back in March of 2020. at Social Media Marketing World, she’s also in Denver, and we got to know each other then and then you know, the world shut down, and kind of lost touch. But then the world opened up again, we met at another conference this year at Social Media Marketing World 2022. And now here she is at pod fest she just walked on by so Valerie, welcome to the show.

Valerie Morris 3:32

Hey, thanks for having me. Yeah, you know, it takes us traveling halfway across the country, just to see where we live about 30 minutes away.

Unknown Speaker 3:39

You know, right. Well, and Valerie, you know, with what we’re talking about on today’s episode, the power of, of conferences, and especially podcasting, how it’s made a, an impact in our lives. So at pod fest, you know, we’ve talked about this previously about how it’s really it’s just such a strong community. So tell us a little bit about your podcast and how you really felt embraced by the podcasting community. Well, it’s

Unknown Speaker 4:01

interesting. So I first attended pod fest, three or four years ago. So it’s been such a blur the last few years, I can’t remember exactly what year it was. But back then I really hadn’t leveraged my podcast yet. And since then, I’ve now built out of podcasts, I’ve got a general, you know, regular cadence of episodes, and I’ve got the systems down. But back in the day, I came here really just because I do content marketing for myself and for my clients. And I knew that podcasting was a valuable part of that. And so I came just to learn and kind of get exposure to another angle content marketing. I was really impressed with the variety of people that are here. There’s some people that like their podcast is their big passion project. It’s their like, their baby, their side hustle. It’s like a fun project for them. And then there’s other people who are making really serious money doing podcasting, for sure. And there’s such a huge range of people, but yet, it was like anyone’s welcome Um, you know, it was very open to, hey, if you’re just here, you’re a beginner, you figure it out. But hey, if you’re really serious about this, like, you’re people here, too. So I really enjoyed it. Well,

Unknown Speaker 5:10

and I’ve been a guest on your show, talking about the impact of conferences, of events that they have on our lives. And I think that, you know, with these potlucks with POD fest, especially with these conferences, it elevates everyone, you know, like, yeah, you’re speaking of the three of us are all speaking here at the right, right. And we’re all learning from each other. There’s no competition.

Kendra Swalls 5:35

That’s I think, for me has been really helpful being here is when you’re isolated and alone in your business somewhere, it can feel like it’s you against the world. And then you come here and you meet all these people in real life. And you realize, like, No, it’s not me, it’s the world. It’s all of us in this together. And that’s so important. Because when you are podcasting again, so it’s not like you’re just in a room by yourself, most of time, you may be on zoom with somebody, but then to actually come in here and meet people in real life. It helps kind of give you like a sigh of I’m not in this alone. Exactly. We’re all here together. And yeah, it’s I think there’s so I’m so glad that in person events are back. I think they’re really, really amazing. So

Valerie Morris 6:16

yeah, yeah. Thanks for having me on your podcast. So my podcast is called Marketing wins. It’s all about how to get your next marketing or your next win in marketing. And we try to approach it from a very practical approach, and get some ideas from different leaders all over the industry, just what they’re doing. That’s working for them. Awesome.

Kendra Swalls 6:36

Thank you. Thanks for stopping by.

Valerie Morris 6:38

Thanks for having always sounds good.

Kendra Swalls 6:41

All right. And when we’re Katie, she walked away from me here. Okay, so I have a very special person here, podcast with us. This is Cindy Ferguson. Cindy, say hi. Hello. So Cindy is my coaching client, she found me through a podcast. So tell me how you found me?

Cindy Ferguson 7:00

Oh, my goodness. That’s a great question. I was listening to another podcast that she did it her way, which is actually no longer in production, sadly. But she was a great business coach, and I happen to come upon your podcast, as you were a guest. And I listened to it, I was on my way, I remember this on my way to visit my mom here in Central Florida. And I was listening to you. And I thought about you and I heard about your story. And I just thought, I mean, I literally pulled over on the side of the road and thought to myself, That’s it. She said, she’s the person that I want to coach me. And that’s how I found you on a different podcast. And it was amazing, because you were guest speaking on somebody else’s podcast. And I was lucky enough to find you on that podcast. And then I found your podcast, and then I started listening to you and following you. And then I decided to reach out to you.

Kendra Swalls 7:58

I think we need to have a thing like every time someone hears his podcasts, we just get to take a shot.

Cindy Ferguson 8:04

When that’d be great. That’d be fun. That’d be very real

Kendra Swalls 8:05

entertaining show. No, I wanted to have you come by and say hi, because I think that speaks to the power of not only the power of podcasting, because obviously had it not been for me being on that show you you and I would never connected. But then also the fact that now here we are in person, which we have never met in person before until yesterday. And we’re able to meet in person, but it’s not awkward. It’s not uncommon. It’s, it’s like I’ve known you forever. And it’s because we not only have I been in your ears for a long time, but also we’ve had that connection through like zoom calls and coaching calls and things like that. But so that transition from podcast to in person has not been an awkward thing, it’s actually made us I feel like closer and stronger, and it’s going to make our relationship even better. So again, that’s, you can have a connection with someone online. Yep. And it can feel really powerful. But that in person piece that we now get to have back again, is so important.

Unknown Speaker 9:03

I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean, for sure. Being a project manager that actually has worked virtually and actually, you know, implemented multimillion dollar projects from a virtual standpoint, it’s I’m no stranger to you know, being able to talk to someone on the call, you know, Zoom calls or whatever, of course, back then it was Skype. So I was very comfortable reaching out and kind of getting to know you and saying, You know what, I caught your podcast, I caught you on this show. I would love to kind of get to know you better. And it really is about connections and being able to make that connection but when you really kind of when I when I listened to the impact of your words on that podcast, it was very moving and I just thought she said she’s the person I need to, to reach out to and it’s just it’s really the power of connection and being able to take action against that and you know now having the pleasure of meeting you and Katie you know, of course in person it definitely It makes it much more sweeter. So it’s wonderful.

Kendra Swalls 10:01

Well, so I know you’re we’re still building your business for you. But tell everybody where they can find you on Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 10:05

Oh, my goodness on Instagram. I am Cindy Marie Dotco. Yeah, so follow

Kendra Swalls 10:09

her because she’s gonna do amazing things coming up. That’s right. Yeah. Thanks so much for stopping by

Cindy Ferguson 10:13

You bet.

Unknown Speaker 10:15

Awesome. Awesome. Well, I just love this because we’re bringing in all these. I know all these amazing people that we have had the opportunity. So up next here is Mike and Mike have had the I’ve had the opportunity of knowing him for like a year and a half now.

Mike Ham 10:32

Yeah, like clubhouse started it? Yeah. And then had you on my show? Yeah, that was awesome. And then yeah, so it’s no more? Well, it’s, it’s like, I use the joke. It’s active. But it’s like active in a sense. Like, you go to the doctor and you fill out the form. It’s like, how much exercise do you get? And you pick someone active, but you actually haven’t worked out in like, two months. You’re like, it’s it’s such a lie. But yeah, so that shows kind of on life support, but got a new show now. Greetings from the Garden State. So it’s all about Jersey, and all the cool stuff that Jersey has to offer you

Unknown Speaker 11:02

this thing, Mike. We met on social audio. We I’ve found your podcast. Yeah. And I was walking down the hall yesterday. And I was like, oh, there’s Mike. You and I have never met? Never met in real life. No. And, and it was just like, hey, man, it’s been it’s been a minute since I’ve seen you how you been? Yeah. It wasn’t like this is the first time I’m seeing. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 11:22

Yeah. I mean, it was just like seeing, you know, it’s funny to like I was in a session, and I knew you were gonna be here. And I was at a session and I saw a blonde girl with a hat like that. And I was like, I feel like that’s Katie Brinkley, but I’m not 100% Sure. And then I didn’t go over and thank God, I didn’t because it wasn’t you. But I was like, you know, those are just like, from behind. But yeah, I mean, like it just so cool. And like, there’s so many people here like, you know, like Larry standing over there. There’s so many people here that I’ve never met in person. But I’ve just been spending the entire weekend so far with them. Yeah, just because like, We’re just friends. Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. And it’s just so cool to see, like, you know, like how the impact that some of these things that the thing that we do, like the podcasting stuff, the social audio stuff, how much that can build relationships and get people connected?

Unknown Speaker 12:07

For sure. I mean, and, and I guess that that goes to, you know, in person events are back. It was about to a year and a half, two years. Yeah. No, they’re still getting up and running. I mean, there’s, I think that podcast last time had about 4500 attendees. We’re at about 1700 attendees, but that’s still nothing to sneeze at. Yeah. Which is still fine. Yeah, he’s still talking to people. But it’s coming back around. And I think that with these conferences, the thing that I liked the most is how everyone there’s to help elevate one another. Yeah. And if there’s no competition, we’re all here trying to help lift each other up. And what’s been your biggest takeaway, but the thing that makes you the happiest about being at an in person event, again,

Unknown Speaker 12:47

is the energy it kind of goes back to like what I was talking about before. So like, the people that I know, I put that in air quotes, because it’s an audio, but like the people that I know, seeing them and actually being like, in their presence, like we’re doing right now. Like, this gets me so jacked up. Yeah, you know, like, I walk away and you’re like, come back and come on the show. So I think that’s that kind of stuff is so cool. Obviously, you’re gonna hear like great speakers and all that kind of stuff. There’s a lot of good takeaways, but just like sitting and just kind of like, can I say bullshitting, bullshitting with people? Yeah, like, was just sitting by the pool or at karaoke last night or doing whatever we’re going to do like the later today. Like, that’s where like, all this cool stuff happens, because you start like brainstorming, and like that’s like the magic of like, these types of things is like, you might not even like listen to a speaker. But you can get so much out of these if you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.

Unknown Speaker 13:36

Yes, exactly. And it’s funny because Kendra, and I were talking, I was like, man, I’ve only been to one session so far today. But you know, I wanted to do we want to record the podcast. And like, I still feel so fulfilled because of the conversations that I’ve had. Yeah, because of this conference. There’s the thing about podcasting is this and then and then I’ll let you go, because I know that you have another session that I grabbed you away from. But the thing about casting is, is is we’re it’s a community. And no matter where you are in your journey, if you have two episodes, or 2000 episodes under your belt, it doesn’t make a difference. Sure. Everyone is here to help learn from one another to help each other grow and to help them with each other.

Unknown Speaker 14:16

Yeah, absolutely. Like, like just even before, like, just grab lunch, like didn’t even know who was gonna be at lunch. But there was like, 10 of us. And it was like the best lunch I’ve ever had. Because it’s just like people talking about stuff that I get jacked up about, you know, I mean, like, they also get jacked up about it. And it’s just so much fun. And like that one lunch was just maybe like the best thing that’s happened to me in terms of the Trump’s Exactly, yeah, like I was I came here not knowing that I needed to go to that lunch, but I did. And I was like, wow, that was like life changing, you know. So it’s just it’s so great.

Unknown Speaker 14:46

Mike, thank you so much for coming on for joining us live. Thank you for having me. Where can people listen to you and your episode?

Unknown Speaker 14:52

Yeah, so it’s greetings from the Garden State. Greetings from the garden. is the website. We’re on anything major podcasting platform, and so that’s where you can get US.

Unknown Speaker 15:00

Awesome. Well, thanks again, man. Yeah, appreciate. Absolutely. And in some time, I

Mike Ham 15:03

appreciate it. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 15:06

So we have one more person that’s going to come in and grab a

Kendra Swalls 15:09

seat. I have to say really quickly, this person lives 20 minutes for me and I didn’t even know it till we got here in Florida. So it took us both getting on an airplane traveling three hour flight to work and they laugh the day to day spending half the day together to realize we live 20 minutes from each other. Yeah. You just got to strike.

Unknown Speaker 15:25

He just got distracted. He’s, he’s a pretty big deal around this podcasting, guys. So I mean, he’s the he’s the man that everyone wants to stop and say hello to, but I wanna I wanna I want to come up with Yeah, no, yeah, here he comes. Here he comes. All right, come over the man, the man with the Red Hat. Here he is. None other. Larry Roberts, Larry. Thanks for joining us.

Larry Roberts 15:49

What’s happening, everybody. Thank you for having me on here. This is amazing. This opportunity, this conference. Everything is just awesome.

Unknown Speaker 15:56

And you know, Larry, you and I both have decided to leave our voices in the hotel room. Because we have been talking so much. So it’s one of the things that comes with networking events, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 16:10

Yeah. 100%. And I mean, you’re a presenter. I had the opportunity to speak yesterday. So we’ve been speaking I’m all we’re doing is talking. Yeah, literally all day every day.

Unknown Speaker 16:18

As podcasters you think that our vocal cords we used to this, but I guess not.

Larry Roberts 16:22

No, not for a conference. Your voice is not going so well.

Unknown Speaker 16:25

And Larry, you and I had the opportunity to meet on clubhouse you encounter just met yesterday. Yeah. And but I mean, like it took half a day of hanging out together. Before we realized this. Kendra said that you guys live like 1015 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 16:38

Yeah, it’s unbelievable how things just happen and you bring people together. That’s one of the things of conferences, you never know who you’re going to meet. And to know that I have literally a neighbor. Yeah, that’s here that I have something a lot of things in common with. It’s just an amazing opportunity. So it will

Kendra Swalls 16:53

tell really sorry to talk over you, Katie, you realize that like your circle gets smaller and smaller and smaller. The more people you meet, not smaller. I mean, like the world’s can seem so big. Until you meet people in person have conversations. You’re like, oh, we have so much in common and like it just all kind of closes in the circle becomes more and more complete, I guess is what I did.

Unknown Speaker 17:11

Yeah. Well, I think that that’s one of the things that’s so magical about conferences. You know, it’s a lot that that’s one of things I loved about clubhouse is kind of just just this big conference. Yeah. You know, you had the opportunity to meet people like the YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 17:24

Yeah, yeah. No, I met you. Well, I met you on clubhouse, and now we become really good friends. Yeah, I mean, well, beyond just knowing each other on clubhouse. We’re friends. Yeah. And it’s just amazing to have that kind of connectivity that you find in the most random places. But now we’ve gone from clubhouse we’ve been to several conferences together. Now. We spoke together at the last conference down in Austin. I mean, it’s just amazing the things that come from this type of community. And this type of gathering here

Unknown Speaker 17:48

together. It just goes to show you like what can happen from a conversation? Yeah, an extroverted introvert. Like I recharge.

Unknown Speaker 17:55

ambivert is the official term. On my badge here. I have one of each. Yeah, yeah. Are we doing this? Is this an audio video? So you see here, I’m an introvert and an ambivert, and an extrovert simultaneously. So he’s also a VIP. I’m very important, very important.

Unknown Speaker 18:12

Well, and that’s the thing, I was like, I know I need to get out and talk to people. But like, I also need that time, like generalist versus like, I just need to go the room and like recharge for a second. But you never know what can happen just by having a conversation with somebody and you know, just seeing where it can go. And that’s, that’s why I’m so happy that these in person events are back. Oh, dude,

Larry Roberts 18:29

totally, totally.

Kendra Swalls 18:30

So I have a question for you as someone who’s been to a lot of conferences, and as someone who like I love going to conferences, but I am a little bit more of an introverted extrovert. So again, I do like to have conversations with people, okay. I know a lot of people though, who would be hesitant to come because they are coming by themselves, or they’re like, I’m gonna go and not know anybody I’m gonna be it’s gonna be like, uncomfortable. So do you have advice for people who want to come to a conference or when it comes to an in person event, but are maybe a little hesitant or nervous, get a red hat.

Unknown Speaker 19:00

The Red Hat is absolutely critical. Everybody has to have one. No, but in all seriousness, just know what you want to get out of the conference, and go in there with that goal in mind that I want to achieve X. And understand that, while it can be intimidating, you’re never going to achieve x if you don’t take the steps necessary to get there. So you got to kind of have that conversation with yourself and just step outside that bubble. And, you know, we’re at pod fest right now. And I’ve been to a ton of conferences, and the level of community that we have here at pod fest. It’s on a different level. I mean, everybody here, there’s, I don’t know, 1500 people here, and everybody here is here to support one another, help each other grow. No one’s judging anyone. No one is looking down on anyone, regardless of what level of podcaster we’re talking to. Everybody is equal footing here. And it’s such a perfect opportunity, especially as your first step to step out and start. We were just talking about minimum Isn’t your circle and it’s just an amazing opportunity for tremendous growth. I went to my first pod Fest in 2020. And I told a couple of people that story already, but I went to trivia night back in 2020. And I was like, I don’t want to go to this trivia night. This is going to be stupid. But my my podcasting career literally changed complete direction that night. I happen to sit at the table that happens when so that was awesome. That was not us last night did not happen last night. Trivia This year was not as successful, but our table one so I got introduced to the owner of pod fest, which that was a phenomenal relationship to establish. My current podcasting coach, and coach he became my coach that night happened to be sitting at the table had a tremendous influence. David Hooper is his name. If you guys ever come across David Hooper, he is amazing. His book is called Big podcast. He is the man. But I met him that night. And everything changed from playing trivia at pod Fest in 2020. So that’s the same kind of thing that can happen to you. Because since then, I’ve gone on to speak on multiple stages, multiple virtual events. This is my seventh stage this year. And that’s in two years, it’s a two year chant timespan. But if I hadn’t come to pod fest, or would I be I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 21:16

what I mean. And I think that that also brings a good point too, before we let you go, because like I said, before you came over here as I go, somebody else snagged him. He’s everyone wants Larry, so but I mean, like, that’s the thing is, with these conferences and events, knowing what your goal is, like, are you there to network? Are you there to learn who they are? Do you need to meet and make your introduction to, you know, so no, know what your goal is, but to find these people and take full advantage of the opportunity that you have been given? Yeah, yeah. You never know what the next step is gonna be. I mean, look at you now. I mean, like, look at what you have done. Those two years?

Larry Roberts 21:54

Yeah, honestly, it’s been

Kendra Swalls 21:55

great. You don’t know who you’re sitting next. Like, like, you’ve been to the table you went to like, you went in that trivia night, not knowing like that, that was gonna change your life. Sometimes just going into a room sitting in a room talking to the person next to you, you never know what opportunity that’s gonna present to you. So be open to having conversations with

Unknown Speaker 22:12

people. Just take that step. Just take the step you have to you have to take the step. Well, thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it for you.

Kendra Swalls 22:19

Tell us about your your podcast.

Unknown Speaker 22:20

Well, my podcast, it’s about to launch as soon as I get my voice back. So look for it. Bitcoin impact is the name of the show. And we’re going to be talking about not the technical side of Bitcoin or blockchain, but the actual impact that it has on society on the environment, and really, just overall globally, because so many people don’t understand what Bitcoin or blockchain even is. They hear the terms, but they’re like, What does that even mean to me? And that’s what the show is. It’s the impact that Bitcoin and blockchain is having on each and every one of us, even if we don’t realize it.

Unknown Speaker 22:49

Larry, I’m so glad. Thank you so much for joining us. I’m so glad that you agreed to bring us along. I pledge right and so then then, so great to hang out with you. And I’m hoping that next year’s trivia goes a little bit better because

Kendra Swalls 23:01

you gotta you gotta brush up on your trivia. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:03

I think I think I held the team up in all honesty. I mean, I don’t know. But maybe I’m biased.

Unknown Speaker 23:09

Well, thanks again, Larry, for talking to everybody. We have one more person that we’re going to bring on over here to say hello to and here she comes. Juliet on a joining us right now. Are you I almost fell off the chair there. Yeah. I know Kendra and I have been like swapping positions on the microphone and Juliet. She and I had the opportunity to get to know each other on a social audio app. Apparently this is the thing though. It was not clubhouse, right on clubhouse. Yes. Get to know each other then. It was on fire side. So Julia, thank you so much for joining us on the show.

Juliet Hahn 23:44

Thank you for having me. I’m so excited. I’m so excited to meet you in person. I’m not seeing you on fireside all the time. And then seeing you as I walked in seeing your hat and being like, Oh no, there’s Katie. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:54

Well, so to back up just a little bit here now so we’re at the event and we both have been on fireside I’m wearing the hat that I wear and all of my social media avatar photos. I didn’t have it yesterday and I was like, You know what? Maybe I’ll just go ahead and wear the hat today. And it has made such a difference. I know we were given Larry a hard time about his red hat but that’s what people see if it’s the brand and you exactly you knew who I was. I saw

Unknown Speaker 24:18

the hat and I was like oh my gosh that’s Katie I think let me go over and see and I turned you around and there you are.

Unknown Speaker 24:23

Yeah. So you’re on fireside and that’s where we got to know each other. So just tell us a little bit about your shows shows with the s on fireside.

Unknown Speaker 24:31

Yes. So I have wi NS live and that’s your next stop shortens. And I have wine us live. I also have wine us live with NFL thread and whiteness live with NFL thread pivot. So my original show whiteness live is really where I interview people that have followed a passion that have really interesting stories where they’ve either started a charity made it out of business, you know pivoted their life. And then I started wyness live with NFL thread because one of my guests on my original podcast your net Stop was Cynthia’s shortage who is an NFL wife. So her husband Michael was in the league for 12 years. And her story fascinated me so much that I wanted to know more, I wanted to get into the kind of the minds of a professional athletes spouse. And so we started our show lioness live with NFL thread. And that’s what exactly what we do on there we interview women of the NFL. So we talked to people that the wives, the spouses that are in that realm, so what they’re doing behind the scenes when their, you know, husband has injured or when he’s transitioning, transitioning out of the league, or when he’s trying to get into the league. We’ve had some really interesting stories on there. And then we started a new segment called pivot. So why in us live with NFL pivot, thread pivot, because we wanted to get into the minds deeper of like, what it’s like when you’re transitioning out of the league. What does that look like? Well, so

Unknown Speaker 25:51

enjoy, like, we’re recording this one live right now. You can hear all the people mingling, you can hear the energy in the room, you do yours live and and one of the things that’s great about fireside is that you do have the video component that happens live. You get the transcripts in everything. There are a few people wearing masks that I mean, like there’s the hand sanitizer stations everywhere. But I mean, I definitely feel like it’s it almost feels normal.

Juliet Hahn 26:13

It does it feels good. It feels really good.

Unknown Speaker 26:17

Yeah, try and get Kendra back on the microphone. Oh, well, and so like, with this event, like what, what was your? What was one of the biggest takeaways that you wanted to have? When you so you’re also speaking at the event? What Why did you want to what, what’s the biggest takeaway from this, like, when you leave it like it was worth it? Because of

Unknown Speaker 26:37

the connections, connections, human connections, meeting you live in person? It’s just been so nice. And other people that I’m like, Oh, wait, I think I know them. I’ve seen that, you know, I’ve seen their picture. I’ve seen them and, you know, clubhouse or fireside, and now I get to see them in person and really interact. And the connection is really the big part.

Kendra Swalls 26:53

I think that that’s the theme of all of this is connections. And I think it’s so true. We all come into this. We’re like, Yeah, I want to learn something, or I want to have exposure in my business and things like that. But I also think that like most of us would say it’s the connections. Yes. And that is really like the key piece and not that you need to go into an in person event with kind of that end goal in mind, I think that’s a big part of it, you know, you need to come into going, I’m here to connect with people in person, I’m here to have conversations, I’m here to learn. And then everything else is just kind of about us.

Unknown Speaker 27:30

Yeah, no, I totally agree. And it is, as you said, doing, I mean, the social audio that came in, you know, kind of pre pandemic, pandemic, and then having that interpersonal connection, but then having it where now you’re you’re really like interacting with the people and seeing the people it’s been it’s been really special

Unknown Speaker 27:48

thing, you know, the connections, the relationships that you make, here, in, you know, at a conference, and then you can take that and, you know, you and I were already talking about trying to go to another event together, you know, in October. So I mean, like, that’s what it can happen with these events. And it all just takes stepping outside of your comfort zone, and just being willing to say, to be that fine wall and join the conversation to ask somebody like, Hey, do you is this seat available?

Kendra Swalls 28:15

And I’ve never been to a conference where I felt like, people were not friendly. You know, I think people get nervous and anxious to go to a conference where they may not know people because they’re like, Well, what if I go in and I’m, I’m not part of the inner crowd. And I don’t know anybody, and I’m sitting by myself. But I’ve never gone into a situation where I’ve felt like, someone didn’t invite me into the conversation, or someone didn’t say, hey, consider me here. Or you start talking to one person, they know this other person. And it becomes kind of this domino effect of like everybody that you’ve met. Now you have this whole new circle of people that you didn’t walk into this conference, having any knowledge of before you got here. That’s to me, that’s so cool.

Unknown Speaker 28:55

100%. And, you know, I was just saying to my husband and my kids, and I think I shared this with you guys. All of a sudden, yesterday, when I first came, I was like, Wait a second. I actually know no one. But that’s okay. Because I am not, I’m fearless. So it’s like, I will go up and talk to people just because that’s who I am. And I don’t really get nervous. I’m like, I’ll just start asking questions and meeting people. But not everyone’s like that not everyone has that comfort zone. So taking your friend to a conference is also you know, it’s nice to do that or knowing a group of people. But you know, again, with you and your hat and the friendliness people, you know, this is what I talk about in my podcasts. And this is where I truly believe that we all have a story. And if we just stopped and listen to each other, we can all learn from each other and we can all connect with each other. It just everyone’s going in such a speed of life that they don’t get that opportunity. And when you’re at a conference like this, it is it people are stopping and talking and wanting to know and it’s just how you connect more with people. 1,000,000% Well,

Unknown Speaker 29:48

Juliette, thank you so much for joining us. Tell us again where people can find your podcast.

Unknown Speaker 29:52

Yes. So it’s your next stop. You can find me on all the socials. I am Juliet Hahn and that’s ju li e t h a h n and you can find me Really any anywhere else, but thank you ladies. It’s so nice. Thank

Unknown Speaker 30:02

you. I appreciate you stopping by and man that contrast. So with with this episode here, it’s been amazing like you’ve just been grabbing people as they walk by here like it comes down and

Kendra Swalls 30:13

I kind of feel like throw somebody into the spotlight. You know what,

Unknown Speaker 30:15

every single one of them sat down and just ran with the questions like Yeah, sure. Okay, we’re doing pockets. Yeah, I’m joining. We’ll talk podcasting. Yeah, but that’s the thing. They left themselves open for opportunity.

Kendra Swalls 30:25

Yeah. And that and that’s, you know, we talk about with podcasting, like that this is, this is the conversations that are happening on these episodes. And these shows where you don’t need a script, you don’t need to be fully prepared like it is just conversations and that I think, if you take anyway, this conversation and connection are the two biggest parts of going to in person events and just I think building a community and a business at all its connections and I’ve already forgotten said communicate conversations and connection connections. Thank you. Oh, my gosh, I totally got distracted there. That is the downside of in person is there’s too much going on around me I get at

Unknown Speaker 31:05

the know and leave yourself open to opportunities as Julian said, You need to have a friend come with you, you know, or business partner, have them come with you. I mean, but when you go to these, you never know what opportunity could exist. Mike said it Valerie said it Larry’s that mean chat has been I mean, leave yourself open to have those conversations and build that community. You know, be willing to and it’s hard for a lot of people to be to go and sit at a table. But you never know what could happen from it. Yeah, absolutely.

Katie Brinkley 31:38

Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Rocky Mountain marketing. As always, I’d love to hear from you. You can visit my website at Connect with me on LinkedIn or check me out on Instagram. Let’s keep taking your marketing to new heights.