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Katie Brinkley

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The Podcast Launch Formula: From Idea to Impact

It’s time to stop circling around the idea of launching your podcast. The world doesn’t need more thinkers; it craves doers. 

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This masterclass isn’t just a webinar; it’s a wake-up call for every aspiring podcaster who’s been stuck in the planning phase. Join us, and let’s move from ideation to action together.

Why Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever:

In a sea of voices, yours is unique.

But if you're not broadcasting it, you're invisible. Your insights, stories, and wisdom are the keys to building a loyal following, establishing your authority, and leading conversations that matter.

Don't let another day go by letting doubt silence your potential.

Hi, I'm Katie Brinkley,
Podcasting & Social Media Expert

You've already made the first move by realizing it's time to bring your podcasting vision to life.

Let me help you make the rest of the journey to success!

Hi, I’m Katie Brinkley! In the podcasting and digital communication scene, I’ve made my mark with a mix of skills. My journey started in radio journalism, and now I’m rocking it as the host of Rocky Mountain Marketing, which is in the top 1.5% of podcasts. But that’s not all – I’ve been a guest on over 150 podcasts, including cool ones like Bigger Pockets, Social Media Marketing, and Agents of Change. This experience has helped me craft a really flexible and effective way of doing podcasting.

Why Trust Katie with Your Podcast Launch?

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Diverse Experience: Transitioning from radio journalism to podcasting, Katie brings a rich tapestry of media expertise.

Proven Success: With Rocky Mountain Marketing's top-tier ranking, Katie's strategies are validated by real-world results.

Practical Insights: Katie's extensive guest appearances on prominent podcasts provide her with a broad perspective on what makes a podcast truly resonate.

Leverage Katie's wealth of knowledge and experience to catapult your podcast from concept to leading listening charts

Your success
is my success.

You've already made the first move by realizing it's time to bring your podcasting vision to life.
Let me, help you make the rest of the journey a success.