The Planner Every Realtor Needs

Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

Eliminate the guesswork and hours spent pondering your next social media move. Grab your Realtor-specific Planner now and streamline your way to social media success.

The Ultimate Guide for Realtors Navigating Social Media

You’re not merely a real estate agent; you’re a dedicated professional committed to creating value and building lasting relationships with your clients. Yet, you may find that your social media efforts don’t always translate into the real-world impact you desire. Are your posts meaningful or just noise? How can you turn casual interactions into genuine leads?


Introducing our Planner, crafted with the unique demands and aspirations of realtors in mind. This is far more than just a collection of random suggestions; it’s an expansive toolkit grounded in Katie’s time-tested 4-Post Strategy. Here’s how it will benefit you:

Customized Strategy

Our Planner furnishes you with a full month of meticulously planned post ideas, all designed to guide you from Awareness to Action—Katie's formula that has consistently delivered results.

Skip the Experimentation

Eliminate the hit-or-miss approach. With our Planner, you benefit from years of concentrated social media wisdom, transformed into clear, actionable steps. Say goodbye to questioning if your posts will connect with your audience—they absolutely will.

Metrics-Driven Advice

We support each recommendation with concrete data, from audience engagement trends to return-on-investment metrics. This ensures that your posts are not just frequent, but effective.

Time-Efficient Solutions

We understand you're busy closing deals and nurturing client relationships. That's why our Planner comes complete with ready-to-use templates and sample posts. Personalize them to align with your brand, and you're set to engage.

Our aim is not just to help you post more, but to enable you to engage meaningfully—resulting in real transactions and client loyalty. Secure this Planner to not just be active on social media, but to thrive with purpose and efficiency.

What's Inside the Planner

In this Planner specifically created for realtors, each week is centered around one of the four pivotal pillars of Katie’s Awareness to Action strategy:

  • Week 1: Awareness Posts
    Initiate the month with posts that not only capture attention but also serve as an introduction to your real estate services. Example: Highlight a unique trend in your local market that potential homebuyers might find fascinating.
  • Week 2: Engagement Posts
    For the second week, the focus is on posts that trigger meaningful conversations. Example: Share an interesting question that prompts your audience to share their property must-haves or real estate experiences.
  • Week 3: Trust-Building Posts
    The third week is dedicated to cementing your role as a trusted advisor in the real estate sector. Example: Offer a testimonial from a satisfied homebuyer or seller, outlining how you made their experience smoother and more profitable.
  • Week 4: Action-Oriented Posts
    The final week is designed to steer your audience towards taking decisive steps, be it consultations or viewings. Example: Feature a well-timed open house event and articulate the advantages of attending it.

Each section of the Planner comes with pre-formatted templates and example posts, allowing for ease of content creation. Simply tailor them to your specific brand identity, and you’re all set for a month filled with targeted, efficacious social media content.

Your Real Estate Success with Katie

With years of expertise in digital marketing and a specialized focus on real estate professionals, I understand that generic advice doesn’t cut it in this industry. This is why I’ve customized this Planner to meet the particular challenges and golden opportunities faced by realtors.

This Isn’t Just a Planner; It’s a Connection Engine
Tailored for Realtors: Every aspect of this Planner is precisely aligned with your real estate journey, whether you’re a seasoned agent or newly licensed. Each prompt and strategic tip plays a part in a broader framework focused on grabbing your audience’s attention and transforming it into meaningful interactions and transactions.

More Than Just Metrics: While the industry often puts a premium on numbers—likes, shares, leads—this Planner offers something exponentially more valuable: the methodology for building enduring relationships. Every post you create using this guide acts as a pathway to cultivate genuine rapport with your prospective clients and partners. At the end of the day, lasting connections lead to long-term business success.

Simplify to Amplify: The saying “time is money” resonates significantly for busy realtors. This Planner is engineered to minimize the hours spent pondering what to post, allowing you more time for what truly matters: building your real estate empire. This results in less brainstorming and more meaningful action.

Don’t delay. Secure your Planner now and take an informed, calculated stride toward accomplishing your real estate objectives. Replace social media apprehension with a strategic, evidence-based plan that delivers tangible results.