How to Easily Sell from the DMs withOUT being sleazy or cold-messaging a single person

Got good social game but you’re struggling to turn this into sales?

This guide will give you my exact 5-step process for creating real sales from my social network.

All Your Effort On Social Media Should Pay Off… Right?

The reality is that there’s actually a proven process to generate leads and sales from social media… you just have to know how to do it.

The secret is in the DMs. That’s where the real sales happen – and in this guide, I’ll break it down for you in a way that makes sense and feels doable.

Whether you’re on Instagram, Clubhouse, LinkedIn or whatever other social network you use… You CAN use the DMs to create sales conversations every single day.

Hey! 👋 I'm Katie...

I’m Katie, and I’ve been in the social game a long time.

Like, MySpace long.

And I’ve watched and worked with every single form of social media there is – yes, even Periscope – and I’ve got my finger on the pulse of exactly what trends are happening. That allows me to help my clients and my audience figure out how to make social media work for their businesses.

And right now, it’s all about relationships and connection – which means the DMs are the place where sales are happening.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide – to show you how you can make these sales for yourself. Without the sleaze, without the fakery, and withOUT spending all day online.

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