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Leveraging Social Audio to Grow Your Business

Your audience might be asking “what the heck is social audio and can it REALLY make me money?!” 

It took the world by storm . . . but social audio is so much more than flash-in-the-pan Clubhouse. In this presentation, Katie will show your audience how social audio has changed the landscape of social… PLUS how to use it for their own growth.

They’ll discover:

  • The social audio opportunities out there . . . and how to choose the best one for them . . .
  • How to maximize their time on social audio (so they can make more money with less time) . . .
  • The critical mistakes most business owners make when starting a social audio strategy and how to avoid them . . .

Social Sales (How to Sell in DMs)

It’s not enough anymore to just grow your audience on social media . . . you have to also figure out how to make your social strategy grow your bottom line.

And it’s easiest when you can generate leads in your DMs, practically on autopilot. 

In this presentation, Katie will show your audience:

  • The key content they MUST be posting in order to generate qualified leads in conversations . . .
  • How to leverage an outreach strategy that practically fills your inbox with new messages from prospects . . .
  • How to turn a simple social conversation into a sales conversation—withOUT feeling spammy, scammy, or sleazy.

Instabasics for Entreprenuers

Instagram is constantly changing as a platform, which means your audience will ALWAYS need the basics to keep up with the algorithm. 

Luckily, Katie knows Instagram like the back of her hand AND she’s happy to get your audience going in the right direction.

She’ll share:

  • How to make sure their bio is on point—so they can hit their goals with the social strategy they’re using . . .
  • The importance of hashtags and the easiest way to find the right hashtags for their business . . .
  • The game-changing strategy that has grown her clients’ accounts by 100%, 500%, even 1000% . . .absolutely free.

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